Decamping Process

To the XNT Team, Kumana is heaven. We believe what is owned by mother nature needs to be unbothered and returned back to her in its natural state. We are only in Kumana for the duration of your exclusive tour with an additional day set aside for setting up and decamping.

Our decamping process takes more than 8 hours with our entire team helping out. We are specific in the way we clean and we make sure that no rubbish is left behind. Not only do we use biodegradable products but we are carbon friendly. We use solar power as the source of electricity and are consistently reducing our carbon footprint in order to be in line with nature.

What we bring into the jungle we take out. We understand that being as elusive to the wild as the wild is elusive to us make your and our time here as enjoyable and as cherished by you as well as mother nature.