Our Team

A Team like no other !

Any organization is only as good as the team it consists of, we are first and foremost 5 friends and a mentor who are connected by the common bond of nature conservation, passion for the wildlife and love of the intricate ecosystems Sri Lanka and the world over has blessed us with.

The excellence of each of our staff members contributes largely to the unique strength and versatility of XNT. This team is like no other and we would like to share nature with you with a very personal touch. To ensure your love connection with nature we guarantee that one of us will certainly be there on your nature encounter everytime!!

Chris Perera

The life and the live wire behind Xtreme. Chris has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with nature and the wild life. Chris has a devoted passion for the wilderness and he has systematically studied the fauna and flora of Sri Lanka. He has further professional experience in the hospitality and managerial industries and has travelled the world over with an understanding of international cultures, hence this makes him uniquely qualified to lead Xtreme Nature Tours. Growing up in the jungles, Chris pretty much still resides in Kumana along with his dad Shirley. They are part and parcel of the success Kumana National Park has become. His conservation and his success in the park is certainly making Xtreme Nature Tours an enjoyable life adventure to behold.

Warna Ariyadasa

From his younger days he has called the jungle his home and the city life the wild. Passionate about his adventures and urge to see the world and it's beauties, Warna has paced his life in perfect harmony to gain knowledge of all of the Sri Lankan outdoors. His forte has been the connection and calling with the wildlife, an abnormal and wild connection to four wheel driving and to date he maybe the only man to have survived a real life survival incident in the jungle, maybe the only man and team to have kayaked the entire Maheveli in aid of his friend's lifelong and dying wish. Warna is the mastermind for Xtreme and the man behind the scenes for success.

Indika Gunesekara

He has 3 sides...a side of him can pull a jeep apart and make it work with the tools of nature in the jungle, a side of him that will get down and dirty and make sure things are done to perfection for our guests and a side close to his heart, which is the birth alongside the beloved prestigious elephants of Sri Lanka. Indika was raised by his parents along with the most prominent elephants of Sri Lanka. His calling for nature began at birth and by creating Xtreme, Indikas passion for nature is never far from his heart. He is the soul of Xtreme.

Marlon Perera

Many concentrate on a favorite aspect of the jungle, Marlons favorite aspect of the jungle is the jungle itself and every detail and diversity of it. His knowledge from birds, trees, butterflies to the waterways and archeology is one we can't compete with. Traveling around the world in search of the best outdoor life and the perfect blend with nature, Marlon settled for Sri Lanka and Kumana in particular. He is certainly more than just a nature enthusiast as he carries a key to educating our younger generation of the role nature plays.

Shirley W. Perera

Consultant Director and Mentor Ecologist, ornithologist, conservationist and all wildlife lovers speak of Shirley name with profound respect. Shirley’s entire adult life has been devoted to the protection and preservation of Sri lanka's amazingly rich ecosystem. He has served over 40 years in the Sri-Lankan wildlife department. During this period he has worked as senior warden of almost every National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Sri-Lanka and finally retiring as deputy director. In addition, Shirley is widely recognized as one of the country’s leading ornithologists. He has not only named and placed birds on the birds list of Sri Lanka, he still continues to to be the custodian of nature!

'Shirley' is the foundation and pillars of Xtreme Nature Tours and he is the knowledge bank Sri Lanka needs as key to the past and as the path of the future.

Jehan Canegaratne

Jehan is most likely the busiest Naturalist in Sri Lanka, He is a good example of Giving Something back to the World, Most of his time is spent in rural areas of the island with nature programs with schools, educating Safari Jeep drivers and Helping farmers with elephant deterrent light systems, etc through Wild life and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka and the Federation of Environment organizations where he is a very effective member. He is also the marketing director of Xtreme Nature Tours.